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Greetings & Happy 2014 to all of our fans & customers. Cosmo Sex School Records is a hip record label based in Portland, Oregon. We are the retail outlet for Jerry Joseph, The Jackmormons, The Denmark Veseys, Little Women and a few more cool projects & artists to be announced soon. 


Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons are extremely pleased to announce the third release in their series of new downloads. This time out they take you back to the recent, blazing affair in Tidewater, OR. known as the Dixie Mattress Festival 2013. As usual, the boys left their hearts & souls on the stage & it is up to you to pick them up & play it back to continually bask in the glory of what went down. These shows remain (as last time) at very ‘fan friendly’ prices along with a free, super tasty bonus show that comes with the purchase of all three nights!!

Night 1 (6/28/13):
Night 2 (6/29/13):
Night 3 (6/30/13):

Bonus show you will get with the purchase of all 3 nights:
Jerry Joseph 5/30/13 at the Mercury Lounge in NYC backed by the incredible Jeff Crosby & the Refugees

Order all 3 Tidewater shows and get 5/30/2013 in New York for free!

Happy Downloading!!

We have brand new JJJ Trucker Hats available online at Cosmo Sex School Records. There are two versions and they are ON-SALE NOW! These hats will only be available online as we have some other new cool hats/merch that will be at the shows this fall.

In addition we are having a T-Shirt sale & we are selling ALL T-Shirts for 1/2 Price. Use this CODE @ checkout to access the deal: TSHIRT50

Here at Cosmo Sex School Records we are really excited to be releasing our first non-Jerry Joseph project. Our new release is Jeff Crosby & Refugees - Silent Coversations E.P. and the CD is On-Sale NOW!

In addition, we also have a brand new All New Limited Edition Vinyl Six Record Package **Only 200 packages available** Featuring new songs: Iodine,  White Peaches + Never before released studio versions of: Spin Cycle,  Belmont Radiator,  She’s Going Out + more!!!

The Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons CD, Happy Book, is ON-SALE NOW! Click here to STREAM the audio, check out the artwork, and purchase. 

If you have any questions about the merchandise, please feel free to contact us at Welcome to the Cosmo Sex School Records website & happy shopping!

Unabomber / Army of One T-Shirt
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Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons
Badlandia [2010]

Jerry Joseph
Tiki Head T-Shirt

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